Production Capacity

In order to meet the increasing production demand and improve product quality, the company continues to invest in production and testing equipment. Currently, quite a few production lines have been in operation, such as annual output of 1.5 million pieces of high-performance metallized ceramic tube production line, annual output of 150 tons of high-purity aluminum nitride powder production line, annual output of 3.6 million pieces of ceramic substrate production line, the ceramic metal sealing components production line, high-temperature co-fired ceramic production line, precision capacitor shell and its accessory production line. Besides, a mature processing base for precision ceramic structural parts is still listed in the company.

Natural Gas Tunnel Kiln

Imported Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Electroplating Production Line

Ceramic Carving Machine

High Temperature Sintering Furnace

Full Automatic Casting Machine

Brazing Furnace

Metallized Horizontal Furnace

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